ROCKWOOL launches #ModernLiving campaign on social media – you’re invited to join!

Over a two-month period, the campaign will use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote multiple themes of modern living.

Starting today, the #ModernLiving campaign will focus on a new theme each of the next seven weeks – including circularity, sustainable cities, sustainable aesthetics, modern agriculture, noise and acoustic comfort, urban planning, overconsumption of energy, and indoor climates.

Designed to build a global conversation on these key issues, the campaign is based on a new model of influencer marketing, as it moves beyond the paid influencer sponsorship approach to engage with independent influencers on the given topics. This is the first time ROCKWOOL utilises this new entangled marketing model for reaching key stakeholders through subject-matter influencers.

ROCKWOOL Senior Vice President for Marketing, Communications, and Public Affairs Mirella Vitale comments, “For us, there is a larger issue at hand than just selling our products. We want to tell the story of how our products contribute to enriching modern living – and do so sustainably”. Vitale concludes, “We’re creating highly relevant, innovative content, which we share with influencers based on common interests”.

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