Corporate governance

Corporate Governance refers to the system by which ROCKWOOL International A/S is directed and controlled. The aim of ROCKWOOL International A/S' corporate governance work is to ensure that the structure and function of all decision-making bodies are the best possible for our business and our stakeholders.

As a company organised under Danish law, and with a listing on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange, ROCKWOOL International A/S is in compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation and is guided by the corporate governance recommendations of the stock exchange.

ROCKWOOL International A/S is generally in compliance with such recommendations but has, in few cases, chosen to differ. The variations are generally due to companyspecific views on the requirements to optimise value for our shareholders. See our Report regarding the recommendations from the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance.

Further to these stipulated regulations from the Danish authorities, our Corporate Governance framework also comprises internal instructions such as the Articles of Association, the Business Procedure for the Board of Directors and the Management Instructions for the Registered Directors. These work in accordance with our corporate values and Principles of Leadership, and the business rules applied within the ROCKWOOL Group.

Articles of Association

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Hent vedtægter for ROCKWOOL International A/S

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Download the ROCKWOOL International A/S articles of association

Corporate governance reports

Corporate Governance in ROCKWOOL International A/S in relation to the recommendations from the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance. Published in connection with the Annual Report and according to the Danish Financial Statements Act, article 107b.

The report is approved by the Board of Directors and presented for adoption at the following General Meeting.