ROCKWOOL Foundation

An independent, non-partisan organisation.

The Foundation is the largest single shareholder of ROCKWOOL International A/S with 23% of the shares.

The ROCKWOOL Foundation is a charitable organisation established in 1981 by six members of the Kähler family who each contributed 25% of their own shares

The overarching objective of both research and interventions is to contribute to strengthening the social and financial sustainability of the welfare state through the creation of new, independent knowledge about the challenges faced by society and through the development of solutions to these challenges.

The research is conducted both by the ROCKWOOL Foundation’s Research Unit and specialised external researchers. The practical interventions are managed by the ROCKWOOL Foundation’s Interventions Unit.

The ROCKWOOL Foundation research unit is one of the most trusted institutions for social and economic study in Denmark.

The research unit

The ROCKWOOL Foundation primarily supports research related to social and economic challenges to the sustainability of the welfare state in Denmark.

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The ROCKWOOL Foundation supports the identification, development and testing of new and innovative solutions to specific problems in society

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