20180213 GMC PHO 611

Carsten Bjerg

Independent according to the corporate governance recommendations
Deputy Chairman

Elected to the board
12 November 1959

Other positions related to the company

Member of the Chairmanship

Member of the Remuneration Committee

Member of the Audit Committee

Positions in other Danish companies

Chairman of the Boards of Hydrema Holding ApS, Arminox Investment A/S (and one fully owned subsidiary), Bjerringbro-Silkeborg Håndbold A/S, Bogballe Investment A/S (and one fully owned subsidiary), Ellegaard Investment I ApS (and one fully owned subsidiary), CapHold Guldager ApS (and one fully owned subsidiary), Robco Engineering Investment A/S (and one fully owned subsidiary), and PCH Investment A/S (and one fully owned subsidiary)

Member of the Boards of Vestas Wind Systems A/S*, Agrometer Investment A/S (and three fully owned subsidiaries), TCM Group A/S* (and one fully owned subsidiary)

* Listed companies

Other positions


Re-election motivation

Carsten Bjerg has extensive experience in strategic management of an international company (the Grundfos Group) and extensive knowledge of R&D, production and sustainability.

Remuneration for 2020/2021 as determined by the general meeting April 2020

Deputy Chairman of the Board DKK 720,000

Supplement for members of the Audit Committee DKK 180,000

Supplement for members of the Remuneration Committee DKK 90,000

Main points of career
2013- Board member
2007-2013 CEO of Grundfos Holding A/S and President of the Grundfos Group
2003-2006 Deputy CEO, Grundfos Management A/S
2000-2002 EVP, Group Production Director, Grundfos Management A/S
1997-1999 SVP, International Production, Grundfos Management A/S
1994-1997 Product Line Director, Danfoss A/S
1989-1994 Production Manager / Plant Manager, Danfoss A/S
1985-1989 Project Manager, Danfoss A/S
1983-1984 Production Rotation Engineer, Danfoss A/S
1985 Advanced Course in Production Methods and Management, Cambridge University
1983 Engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark