Jørgen Tang-Jensen, Board of Directors Transparent

Jørgen Tang-Jensen

Independent according to the corporate governance recommendations

Elected to the board
05 August 1956

Other positions related to the company

Member of the Audit Committee.

Positions in other Danish companies

Member of the Board of Coloplast A/S, Denmark 

Other positions 

Member of the Board of Geberit AG, Switzerland

Chairman of the Danish Green Investment Fund

Member of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s (DI) Committee on Business Policy

Election motivation

Jørgen Tang-Jensen has a long term experience from the building materials industry and a vast understanding of corporate governance due to his active role in several organizations. 

Remuneration for 2017/2018 determined by the general meeting April 2017

Other members of the Board DKK 330,000

Supplement for members of the Audit Committee DKK 165,000

Main points of career
2001- CEO of VELUX A/S, Denmark
1990-2000 Group Director of VELUX Industri A/S, Denmark
1984-1990 Managing Director of Novelco A/S, Denmark
1981-1984 Product Manager of VELUX International A/S, Denmark

1997 MBA from Stanford University, USA
1989 IMD, Switzerland
1981 MSc (International Business), Aarhus Business School