Employee Testimonial, Lotte Hemmingsen

A career with many opertunities

"When I finished school in 1987, I wanted to join a big international company with wide career possibilities. At that time I lived in the ROCKWOOL Group’s hometown of Hedehusene so when an apprenticeship with the company opened up, I applied for a job. Why have I stayed for so many years? Because there are so many different possibilities, there is still so much to learn and so much I can give."

"I have held several different positions during my time with the ROCKWOOL Group. Following my apprenticeship, I worked for about five years in a control function. I then spent more than fifteen years working in strategic capacity planning, supply chain activities and conceptual studies. And now I have returned to controlling."

"I really like to be involved in many different areas, start things up and come up with new ideas. Although I have been with the company for many years I keep learning new things and meet interesting people every day. I enjoy working in a cross-cultural atmosphere and treasure the good working environment where people take responsibility and are honest and passionate about what they do."


Lotte's role


Lotte Hemmingsen joined the ROCKWOOL Group in 1987. She is Section Manager in Group Business Controlling, performing a wide variety of tasks including parent company control, investment control and controlling tasks at Group level.

There is still so much to learn and so much I can give

Lotte Hemmingsen

ROCKWOOL Group, Denmark
Section Manager, Business Controlling