Human Resources

The Human Resources function enables the performance and growth of the business


Developing our employees

The Human Resources function enables the performance and growth of the business by making sure that the organisation - along with its employees and leaders - is continuously developed to meet business goals and adapt to external changes.  

In HR, we offer the opportunity to pursue an administrative, a generalist, a specialist or a leadership career. HR administrators work within areas such as salary payment, recruitment support and training administration; our generalists can work, for example, as HR project managers or HR Business Partners; and we offer opportunities for specialists in Recruitment, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits and HR IT. And in any of these roles you always have regular international connections

A company is only as strong as its employees. In that sense, we are privileged to have a team of talented, dedicated employees.

Camilla Grönholm

Group Human Resources
Senior Vice President
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We transform abundant volcanic rock into quality products, unlocking the natural properties of stone.

In our manufacturing process, we melt solid rock at 1,500°C, spinning it into fibres thinner than a hair and then transforming it into a wide range of different products


Sales & Marketing

You will experience first-hand how our solutions make a difference

In sales and marketing we work to bring excellence to our customers across all channels and support our growth strategy.


Research & Development

We are motivated by the feeling of achievement that comes from having developed something extraordinary

We support the business by improving production efficiency and developing new products and systems as well as investigating new business potential.



Our engineering function is the key technology provider to all our production facilities

The services we are responsible for extend from machine upgrades and troubleshooting process issues to complete factory construction programs.



Our overall aim in the Finance function is to create value in all processes

We aim to create conditions that challenge employees and expose them to projects that develop their skills and further their careers.


Legal Affairs

We support our staff in continuously developing both soft and hard skills,

Group Legal Affairs is the Group’s centre for legal matters and compliance, insurance, trademarks, enterprise risk management and integrity compliance.


IT (Digital)

We are a virtual, multilingual and multicultural team.

We serve around 7,000 ROCKWOOL employees daily and deliver approximately 100 projects per year


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