Senior Data Engineer

02 October 2019

Our purpose is simple and compelling: To release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

ROCKWOOL products save energy and water and reduce CO2 emissions, protect buildings from the spread of fire; reduce waste; improve acoustic comfort, building performance and aesthetics; and enhance Precision Growing, thereby improving the efficiency of fresh food production.

While the stone we use may be millions of years old, what we do with it is cutting-edge. Every day, ROCKWOOL colleagues are developing and applying new technologies to release yet more potential of stone wool to enrich modern life.

Would you also be proud to enrich society like we do? Apply now to join us as we improve modern living conditions for millions of people worldwide.

Do you want to help develop and deploy data solutions for factories around the world?

As a SENIOR DATA ENGINEER at ROCKWOOL, you will work with the artificial intelligence pipeline in product scenarios and later deploy it in real-time solutions.

This is who we are

ROCKWOOL Global Business Services (RGBS) in Poznań is a multifunctional competence centre of the ROCKWOOL Group (with the headquarters in Denmark), which provides financial, accounting, DIGITAL (IT), HR and Group Technology services for ROCKWOOL group entities. We believe in flexibility & diversity, which we translated in our people- centric atmosphere and activity based office facilitating collaboration & knowledge sharing. Our ambition is to provide vertical & parallel growth opportunities. Our values include honesty, responsibility, efficiency, passion, entrepreneurship are visible in the way we work. We are proud to be awarded The Most BeLOVEd SSC in Poznań award.

At ROCKWOOL, we see a vast potential in using data from production, sales, marketing and logistics, and we are working to accelerate and steer our data science initiatives. We have recently started a journey towards using more digitalisation and automation and better use of data – and this is where your abilities come into play.

This is the role

In this newly established role as a Senior Data Engineer, you will be based at our offices in Poznan, Poland, from where you will be supporting our data science team in Denmark. Doing so, you can expect to travel about 10-20% of the time in support of global projects.

As a champion of data science and data engineering, you will be responsible for delivering and maintaining new data science platforms. This includes data pipelines and integrations, storage and algorithm processing – for operational use and POC. Doing so, you provide our internal clients with insights on how to improve their business.

In this newly established role, you will be based at our offices in Poznan, Poland, from where you will be supporting our data science team in Denmark. Doing so, you can expect to travel about 10-20% of the time in support of global projects.

We typically work on proof of concept within a time frame where we develop, test and get it up and running in a semi-production environment. Then we move on to the next stage of making our solutions into implementable services that can be rolled up and scaled globally. Contributing to this process, you will:

  • Be responsible for preparing architecture and data for analytical, POC or operational uses
  • Collect requirements for analytical platforms (functional as well as non-functional) in close cooperation with our architects
  • Develop, maintain and test infrastructures for data generation
  • Be responsible for platform selection and implementation (on-premises and cloud), ensuring stable operation, support and maintenance
  • Do hands-on implementation, documentation and training – such as installing databases, APIs and data management software interfacing with existing databases as well as testing and validation

This is what you offer

You are curious and self-driven and known for your ability to approach problems in a creative manner. With your outgoing yet structured nature, you have a strong personal drive to get the job done on time without compromising on the quality of your deliverables.

As you will be collaborating closely with specialists, data scientists and technicians in the department, we expect you to be skilled at communicating with people from different backgrounds. Also, you can communicate complex content in English across functions, motivating others to hear and follow your ideas.

Moreover, we imagine that you:

  • Have 5+ years of experience in programming, software engineering or data engineering
  • Have experience delivering solutions within an agile environment
  • Have experience creating data science architectures in collaborating with data science architects
  • Have skills within programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Scala and SQL
  • Bring a good understanding of ETL tools and REST-oriented APIs for creating and managing data integration jobs

This is what we offer

This is an exciting time to join us. With our goal to mature the business through machine learning, you really get to see your ideas come to fruition. Moreover, you will get to work directly with a team of digital and insulation professionals including architects, engineers and analysts.

By joining ROCKWOOL Global Business Services 300+ employees, you will become a part of the people centric work environment in a Danish company with comprehensive package of inter alia salary, benefit & appreciation program, flexible working hours, team building events, activity based office in Poznan’s city center in the new prestigious office building - Maraton Business Center.


If you recognize yourself in this profile and challenge, we kindly invite you to apply with CV written in English (please click Apply button).


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