R&D Specialist for organic chemistry

25 October 2019

Our purpose is simple and compelling: To release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

ROCKWOOL products save energy and water and reduce CO2 emissions, protect buildings from the spread of fire; reduce waste; improve acoustic comfort, building performance and aesthetics; and enhance Precision Growing, thereby improving the efficiency of fresh food production.

While the stone we use may be millions of years old, what we do with it is cutting-edge. Every day, ROCKWOOL colleagues are developing and applying new technologies to release yet more potential of stone wool to enrich modern life.

Would you also be proud to enrich society like we do? Apply now to join us as we improve modern living conditions for millions of people worldwide.

Do you want colleagues who are sincerely receptive to your creative ideas – and to see these ideas turn into sustainable products? If you at the same time are a chemical mastermind who can come up with the next generation of sustainable binders for our stone wool, then ROCKWOOL might be your next workplace.

This is who we are

Working in Hedehusene, you become part of Group R&D. We are 100 colleagues who develop new solutions to ROCKWOOL factories and new products to the market on a global scale. Nearly 50% of us have 10+ years’ experience within this challenging field. Joining us, you will work autonomously in binder development project groups of 6-7 members who all bring a strong scientific background.

This is the role

You will play a key role in innovating and developing new sustainable binder systems – based on green technology – which are suitable for large-scale production, so you get to see them go to market. These binders hold together our stone wool fibres, effectively turning them into the viable products that ROCKWOOL is famous for. You will:

  • Perform desk research and build on specialist knowledge by yourself and in collaboration with other colleagues, companies, universities, networks, etc.
  • Apply your expertise in the laboratory and perform chemical measurements and analyses, screening new possibilities for binder systems
  • Collaborate closely with the patent team in order to secure ideas
  • Contribute to our safety first work environment, following safety regulations
  • Travel approx. 40 days a year to perform on-site testing at our factories, primarily in Europe

This is what you offer
You are ready to work independently in an R&D environment where there are more questions than answers. You can collaborate with colleagues at all organisational levels, from your like-minded R&D colleagues to the workers at our production sites and managers at the highest level. And you stand up for your professional opinion when you feel confident that you are on to something promising.

Moreover, you:

  • Bring a master’s degree, preferable a PhD, in chemical engineering, organic and/or polymer chemistry or similar
  • Have experience with analytical tools such as NMR, HPLC, FI-IR and MS and macromolecules
  • Excel in and thrive on analysing and learning from data
  • Bring experience with or an interest in production processes
  • Communicate effortlessly in written and spoken English
  • Preferably have experience within R&D

This is what we offer

You will be a part of a work environment characterised by trust and empowerment – where everyone is provided with a framework to be heard, exercise influence over our strategy as well as take on more responsibility. In continuation of this, you will have the option of devoting 10% of your time to pursuing your own ideas.

We look forward to welcoming you into our brand new state-of-the-art laboratory where you will have access to analytical instruments such as SEM, NMR, FT-IR, DMA, HPLC and GC-MS as well as databases such as SciFinder.


If you want to know more, please contact People & Process Manager Karen Kirketerp on 25 26 57 35. Please submit your application in English via the below link before 17 November.


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