Forklift Operator

United States of America
21 May 2019

Our purpose is simple and compelling: To release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

ROCKWOOL products save energy and water and reduce CO2 emissions, protect buildings from the spread of fire; reduce waste; improve acoustic comfort, building performance and aesthetics; and enhance Precision Growing, thereby improving the efficiency of fresh food production.

While the stone we use may be millions of years old, what we do with it is cutting-edge. Every day, ROCKWOOL colleagues are developing and applying new technologies to release yet more potential of stone wool to enrich modern life.

Would you also be proud to enrich society like we do? Apply now to join us as we improve modern living conditions for millions of people worldwide.

To load and ship the correct products in the correct quantities within given time frames.  To maintain an efficient, clean, safe and secure work space without jeopardizing product quality or the environment.

  • Operate a forklift/clamp truck safely as per Company rules and guidelines
  • Understand Lock Out Procedures and know which machines need to be locked out in his/her area of responsibility
  • Ensure Shrink wrapper is set to make a tight wrap without melted holes; ensure all four corners are covered
  • Ensure Bundler is set to make tight bundles of the correct number of packs within the specified width
  • Take care in handling finished product so as not to damage it
  • Ensure products are labeled correctly
  • Be accountable for the quality and quantity of product placed in Warehouse or loaded on trailers

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