Business updates

Improved construction market conditions

Business updates 2017

At ROCKWOOL, all our products are based on the natural power of stone, and we are committed to market-leading excellence in stone wool technology, manufacturing, and customer service.  We have come a long way since we first began producing stone wool in 1937.

We have expanded our product range well beyond building insulation, and now employ more than 11,000 people representing 61 nationalities operating in 39 countries. We have 45 manufacturing facilities and sell our products in 100+ countries around the world.

In 2017, the construction industry rebounded as especially residential markets improved in developed economies. This was largely due to robust economic growth, mainly across the Eurozone and North America.
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Insulation solutions

The largest segment in the ROCKWOOL Group, our insulation business benefited overall from positive market and macroeconomic conditions in 2017.

ROCKWOOL insulation

Ceiling solutions

Rockfon, the largest unit in our Systems segment, expanded its reach with the opening of a new production line in the United States, ROCKWOOL’s largest market for ceiling solutions.


Precision growing

Grodan experienced increased product interest and subsequent growth in 2017 as the focus on reducing water and nutrient usage in agricultural solutions increased.


Design freedom

Responding to market interest in stone wool façade solutions, Rockpanel in 2017 launched a new product portfolio offering more choices for aesthetically-pleasing and fire resilient facades.


Precision engineering

Generally, the market for precision-engineered stone wool continued to grow in 2017, with Lapinus solutions for brake pads, noise-reduction fences, and railway noise and vibration control steadily developing.

Building on the strength of stone
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