Global market review and outlook 2018

We expect a healthy growth driven by favourable market conditions in most geographies

Improved construction market conditions

In 2017, the construction industry rebounded as especially residential markets improved in developed economies. This was largely due to robust economic growth, mainly across the Eurozone and North America. The broad-based European economic expansion is expected to continue in the coming year, as it is benefitting from the upturn in other regions of the world.

For 2018, we expect a healthy growth driven by favourable market conditions.  We see continued increases in input and logistics costs, which we aim to compensate by productivity and price improvements as well as volume growth.  The strong momentum from the second half of 2017 has resulted in an increased capacity utilisation.

Guidance 2018

Group net sales

Increase in local currencies, including Flumroc

EBIT margin

At least


Excluding acquisitions

Construction indicators in key markets such as France, Germany, North America, and Russia point toward continued growth in 2018.
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