Cold@Home - A journalistic investigation of fuel poverty.

17 February 2016

Across Europe and North America, fuel poverty is on the rise: as many as 100 million people are estimated to be unable to afford to keep their homes adequately warm during winter months.

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Across Europe and North America, fuel poverty is on the rise: as many as 100 million people are estimated to be unable to afford to keep their homes adequately warm during winter months

EnAct (The Energy Action Project), in association with the ROCKWOOL Group, presents Cold@Home, a multimedia project investigating the underlying causes of fuel poverty, its impacts on people and society, and the measures being taken by diverse actors to address it.

The project launched on 15 February 2016 with a web documentary from Ukraine, where people are facing their first winter following a severe increase on natural gas prices. During 12 weeks, until May 7, diverse multimedia elements will explore specific aspects of fuel poverty.

Cold@Home's underlying message is that fuel poverty is not about being poor. In most cases, the combination of low quality housing and high energy prices drives people into financial hardship, ultimately compromising their health and well-being.

The project integrates diverse media to highlight different types of content:

  • Features range from personal stories (e.g. web documentaries and feature articles) to interactive elements and expert interviews via podcasts.
  • Inside is the project's core element. This daily blog has parallel streams: The Basics covers one sub-topic in a short entry (~400 words); readers who wish can link to Indepth, where energy experts offer deeper insights in plain language.
  • The Energy Diary is a social media element through which EnAct allows people to give glimpses of their own daily struggles. This aims to give people a voice and help reduce the stigma associated with fuel poverty, also providing insights for those working on solutions.

In keeping with EnAct's mission "Reporting that seeks to empower", Cold@Home has a section called Act Now, which includes tips on how people living in fuel poverty can take small steps to improve their situation and where they can go for help. It will also suggest how others can help those in need.

Cold@Home will evolve as it unfolds: EnAct will welcome questions from it audiences, accept ideas for new stories or angles, and engage with additional experts as needed.

Background information

EnAct is an online platform investigating the causes and impacts of energy poverty worldwide, as well as solutions to address it. Jointly developed by seasoned journalists and energy experts, EnAct capitalizes on the power of multimedia to engage, inform, influence and empower.

To get a sense of EnAct's work, see their trailer video or go to their website.

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