ROCKWOOL among biggest gainers in reputation study among engineers

27 May 2019

At #13 among 111 companies evaluated, ROCKWOOL achieves its highest ever reputation score among engineers in Denmark

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In this year’s reputation survey among engineers in Denmark conducted by the publication Ingeniøren (The Engineer), ROCKWOOL scored one of the highest year-on-year improvements, rising 14 spots to #13 on the list. This is also the highest overall ranking the company has ever achieved in this survey.  (Go to the article, here. Paywall protected.)

On individual parameters, ROCKWOOL advanced most on:  influence and independence (for employees); career opportunities; pay and benefits; and development and innovation. The top-ranking keywords that engineers use to describe ROCKWOOL include:  quality conscious; environmentally conscious; trustworthy; technology-focused; and innovative.

In a parallel survey in the same publication among engineering students in Denmark, ROCKWOOL ranks as #18, a jump of 18 spots from last year.  Among the students surveyed, ROCKWOOL improved the most year-on-year in work-private life balance; influence and independence; company culture; professional development; and career opportunities.

Senior Vice President for Operations and Technology, Bjørn Rici Andersen, comments, “It’s especially rewarding to see our company getting this recognition among engineers and engineering students. We are pursuing multiple technology and operations initiatives that together are contributing to transforming ROCKWOOL into a global leader among manufacturers.”

Human Resources Senior Vice President, Camilla Grönholm, adds, “Surveys such as this give us valuable insights in terms of recruiting and retaining top engineering talent.  The high ranking and year-on-year improvement reaffirm that we’re moving in the right direction and contribute to raising our profile as a professionally rewarding workplace.”

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