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Acoustics, blueprint, noise, sound
Noise pollution
11 Apr 2019

The truth about noise

It’s no secret that noise is a bad thing. It can make us feel uncomfortable and annoyed, and it can even be detrimental to our health.

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Social Effects
Quality of life
02 Apr 2019

Well designed buildings and streets improve lives

Find out how good design of buildings and streets plays a part in social development.

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Renovation project Croatia - reference 
Hospital Karlovac
02 Apr 2019

Cities in need of renovation but lacking public funds can learn a lot from Croatia

Old, dilapidated buildings are an economic, social and environmental drag on cities that have serious impacts on the health, well-being and productivity of the tenants — and the climate.

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Construction, Engineer, People, Wokers
Energy Efficiency
02 Apr 2019

Starting a building project? Make EPDs work for you with 4 simple reminders

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) help architects and engineers assess the environmental impact of different materials — but they can lead to wrong conclusions. Follow these four guidelines to be sure EPDs help you achieve your project’s sustainability goals.

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RockWorld imagery, The big picture, city, urban, buildings
Energy Efficiency
Noise pollution
Fire safety
26 Mar 2019

Keeping energy consumption, safety and privacy in check as cities grow

Booming urbanisation a greater demand for energy and people living closer and closer together. How can we better manage this problem?

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Kazmierczak Family, Water Properties, tomatoes
Water management
21 Mar 2019

Can urban agriculture feed growing cities, and save water?

From growing high-value salad greens in an abandoned underground WWII air raid shelter in London to the sack gardens of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, one of Africa’s largest slums, growing food in cities is wildly diverse and increasingly important.

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