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Case Study, Intelligent Quarters
Climate Change
16 Dec 2020

Total transformation of building renovation needs to start now

To achieve the 2030 climate target it will require energy efficient buildings with focus on renewable energy for heating and cooling buildings.

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Wilmcote House, Thermal Properties
Energy Efficiency
Social Effects
02 Dec 2020

Renovating our buildings can help improve social justice

Addressing concerns about energy-poverty and social injustice is possible with the appropriate economic recovery strategy. Here’s how renovations can help.

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Chicago Greenbuild landing page event
25 Nov 2020

We can build resilient cities of the future – today

Cities and urban areas increasingly find themselves facing the direct impact of mega challenges like the corona-pandemic and the global climate crisis. By building robust, resilient communities, we can secure the cities of the future

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Annoyed Young Lady Covering Ears With Pillow Irritated Because Of Noise At Home.
Noise pollution
11 Nov 2020

Indoor noise disturbance - How noise affects your body

The effect of noise pollution and how stone wool insulation can help improve acoustics.

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City, Urban, Building, Skyscraper
Energy Efficiency
05 Nov 2020

North America’s green recovery – Energy retrofits for growth

As North America starts looking for the best way to restart their economies, one solution stands out. Here is what a green recovery could look like.

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Young schoolboy hard at work in the classroom; Shutterstock ID 310987667; Used for Sustainability Report 2018.
academic; book; boy; child; class; classroom; concentration; education; kid; learning; pupil; reading; school; schoolboy; schoolkid; sitting; stress; stressed; student; study; studying; table; work; worry;
Quality of life
Fire safety
28 Oct 2020

The indoor climate and childhood development

When it comes to future generations, everyone needs to ensure that they leave behind a healthy, sustainably built environment for their children.

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