Indoor comfort, health and safety

Improving quality of life

Stone wool contributes to comfortable and healthy living, providing noise and vibration control as well as thermal properties. ROCKWOOL insulation reduces noise passing through building assemblies. Rockdelta products decrease ground-borne noise and vibration from trains. Rockfon ceilings absorb sound, making rooms more comfortable and helping us to communicate more effectively.

People naturally want to live in a healthy environment. Indoor climate is just as important as the conditions outdoors: temperature, air quality and acoustics are all part of creating a beneficial indoor life. 

Did you know?

Well-designed and constructed, buildings contribute to good health, create comfortable surroundings, and enhance our ability to concentrate and perform key tasks.  Buildings do affect people’s wellbeing. Human living standards depend on how effectively a building supports its occupants and how efficiently it maintains an optimal indoor climate. 

Family in new house