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This is why ROCKWOOL products should be your preferred choice

  1. ROCKWOOL Batts are an average of 3x denser than fiberglass batts; providing a better fit in the cavity and delivering superior thermal, sound, and fire control.
  2. Premium quality ROCKWOOL products allow you to charge higher margins  
  3. Depending on the architectural style of your customer’s house, ROCKWOOL Group offers specialised interior and exterior solutions: 
Partition walls

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation has been especially designed to reduce noise through partition walls. This makes it easier to use a house for different purposes. For example, phone calls will not wake a sleeping baby, and the noise of children playing will not disturb the peace in the room or house next door.


ROCKWOOL products can be used for ground floors (floating construction). Their excellent thermal properties will help maintain a comfortable and even temperature – and help your client save money on energy at the same time.


Our products work well for thermal insulation from an unheated basement. They also have excellent noise-reducing properties, making them a good choice for intermediate floors where they can reduce the impact noise from footsteps.

Exterior walls

If the house has a facade that you don’t want to cover with insulation, such as a feature with special architecture heritage or an old stone wall, ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can be applied from the inside instead. Applying ROCKWOOL products on the inside of the wall is an excellent solution for saving energy, improving comfort and maintaining the aesthetics of the facade.

Rendered facade

Rendered walls can be an insulated with the ROCKWOOL REDArt system. This unique combination of façade insulation and a textured render will make a home as durable and energy-efficient as it is attractive.

Cladded facade

Cladded facades enable you to create almost any architectural impression, from streamlined high-tech through to a traditional wooden look. The ROCKWOOL REDAir system offers you full design flexibility combined with the efficient insulation of stone wool.

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Why go premium

Depending on the architectural style of the house, ROCKWOOL Group offers specialised solutions.

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