Tips & Tricks to expertly install insulation

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ROCKWOOL stone wool. The material that works as hard as you do.

ROCKWOOL stone wool is a unique construction material with a wide range of different properties. As a professional craftsman, you can always rely on it to help you deliver the perfect project for your customers.

  • Easy to work with
  • Consistent performance for decades
  • Regulates temperature and cuts energy bills
  • Reduces unwanted noise
  • Resistant to fire, damp and mould.

Some customers will focus only on the visible parts of renovation, such as fixtures and fittings. But how it makes your customers feel will count for more in the long run. So try to help your customer go beneath the surface and understand that the perfect time to think about insulation is when you are renovating. Because ROCKWOOL products will regulate a room’s temperature, keeping it comfortably warm in winter, cool in summer, and safe and quiet all year round. So their finished home will feel just as good as it looks.

There are dozens of reasons why ROCKWOOL stone wool is the first choice of insulation for so many professionals. It’s versatile, economical, natural, fully recyclable, and unmatched for fire resistance. And, with a little inside knowledge, it’s super easy to install. 

Tips and tricks for easy installation

  • As with any project, plan ahead. Measure up areas to insulate and cut insulation accordingly. And make sure you are wearing the appropriate installation outfit, with the right goggles and gloves.
  • ROCKWOOL insulation materials are easy to cut with a knife so they lend themselves to simple preparation. And because it’s so easy to fill all holes with ROCKWOOL products, there’s less chance of leaving inefficient gaps in the insulation.
  • If installing ROCKWOOL products on existing insulation, ensure it is not squashed or slumped. It should keep its thickness as ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation does not distort or degrade if installed properly according to spec. So it should for last the lifetime of the building.
  • For how much insulation to order, check on the ROCKWOOL website or call our team to ensure you have the right quantity for your job.
  • ROCKWOOL insulation can easily be cut with a long bladed knife or insulation saw available from DIY outlets. And can be stored outside without being affected by weather conditions.
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Tips & Tricks to expertly install insulation

ROCKWOOL stone wool is a unique construction material with a wide range of different properties.

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