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It’s the first big decision you’ll face on your renovation project: how to pick a contractor?

Every home improvement project is a big investment – both financially and emotionally. That’s why it’s important to consider every aspect as carefully as possible before you begin. How will the new space work for everyone who shares the home? How comfortable will your home be when it is finished? What are the best materials to use throughout? How quickly  will your investment pay back? How can it add to the value of your home? And perhaps most fundamentally of all, which professional will you choose to partner with, all the way from the start to the end of the project?

Ask around for trusted people

The best recommendation for a contractor will always be the word of someone you know who has used their services themselves. However, if this is not possible, it’s a good idea to cast your net a little wider. Try asking for recommendations on local forums or through social media. Failing this, you could try using specialist websites with real reviews from verified users. At the end of the process, you will ideally have at least three contractors you can invite to quote for your project.

Always get multiple quotes

Different craftspeople will quote different prices for the same job. Letting them all know that you are comparing quotes will help to ensure they are as competitive as possible. Talking to a wide range of contractors is also a good opportunity to test and refine your plans. Good professionals are very knowledgeable about their trade. Which approach would they take? Which materials would they recommend? The quality of their answers will tell you a lot about what they would be like to work with in the long term.

Things to consider

When deciding which to accept, price is just one factor to think about. It doesn’t always follow that the most expensive will be the highest quality, nor that the lowest price will be the best value in the long term. Which materials is the contractor planning to use? All materials are different and some have different quality levels. For example, not all insulation can give you the same benefits as ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation. You should also take into account the opinions of previous customers, the quality of any work you’ve been able to inspect, and also how easily you’ve established a relationship – even in a short meeting. Finally, pay attention to qualifications and certificates. These can give you an important insight into the professionalism of the contractor.

Now the real work begins

Even before you have picked your contractor, it’s worth thinking about the timings of your project. Spring is the ideal time of year to start a home renovation project, especially when insulation is a big part of your plans. You can carry out all the necessary work while the weather is warm. And if you’ve included ROCKWOOL solutions in your new, improved home, you can look forward to more comfort and lower bills in the autumn and winter, protection from mould, damp and fire, and noise reduction too. 

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Finding the right contractor for your project

It’s the first big decision you’ll face on your renovation project: how to pick a contractor?

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