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Family house, Cherasco, Italy

With the help of stone wool insulation, an old building can keep its traditional appearance, but with 21st-century levels of energy performance and comfort, creating the perfect sustainable family home.

Owner and architect Maria Grazia Novo was motivated by “the desire to change and improve the family home”. The house she chose for her family dated back hundreds of years and needed to be totally renovated while staying in harmony with local building traditions. A concern for environmental impact (and the lack of mains gas for heating) led the architect to opt for a “passive house”. 

Insulation is central to the passive approach, which aims to reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling by up to 90%. ROCKWOOL materials are perfect for sustainable standards because they offer excellent thermal insulation, are vapour-permeable and have a long lifespan. And because ROCKWOOL insulation can be easily fitted within a house’s roofs and walls, it has no impact on the building’s appearance.

Now it’s your turn

You may just want to insulate a ceiling or a room. Or you may want to do something more ambitious like the real-world example of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation in action shown here. But whatever improvements you are planning, there are ROCKWOOL products that can improve your home by:

  • Regulating temperature all year round
  • Cutting energy bills
  • Reducing noise
  • Protecting from damp, mould and fire
Cherasco Passive House, Circularity

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Cherasco Passive House, Circularity, night


ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation in action

Get inspired by a house that works with the weather

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