Rockzero System

The pioneering way to build nearly zero-energy homes

Rockzero family house

Introducing our latest innovation, Rockzero: a pioneering new wall system that integrates the natural benefits of stone wool insulation with the structural support of the home. It’s revolutionising the way homes are built. 

With Rockzero, you can build homes with superior energy efficiency, fire protection and indoor comfort. They will deliver on energy performance as calculated. And they will be airtight, yet breathable. 

Rockzero homes are also faster to build yet live up to standards that exceed local regulations and give long-lasting durability. This makes it easier to construct next-generation sustainable homes.

A short introduction to the Rockzero system

The Rockzero wall system is a unique combination of stone wool columns, ROCKWOOL insulation and airtight OSB4 boards on the inside. 

This results is an outer wall with few components and a slim solution with optimal energy performance.

Rockzero, campaign, system, 3D,  wall construction, illustation explanation

The key element of the Rockzero concept is a load-bearing stone wool column reinforced with steel. The Rockzero column contains a total of 3 zones; a structural zone in the centre, a service void for electric and plumber installations on the inside and the main insulation zone on the outside.

Each zone “breaks” the thermal bridges created by the steel elements, securing optimal and consistent energy performance for the Rockzero wall.

Rockzero, campaign, system, 3D,  wall construction, illustation explanation

Rockzero - Stand for Something

Sales price premium

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Energy Star rated buildings attract a sales price premium of 25% and 26%

Natural stone

Stone wool is made from 97% natural stone and recycled material

Operating costs

An energy efficient design can save as much as 80% of the operating costs of a building

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