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We invite you to join us on our journey to empower modern living and help us re-think the future of our world.

Releasing the power of ideas to rethink the future – together

Discover thought-provoking insights and ideas from ROCKWOOL Group and other industry leaders on some of today’s most debated themes

Reap the benefits of increased renovation rates

A large scale renovation project of €100m can be expected to support around 1,900 jobs in the construction sector

Improving where we live will benefit how we live

Upgrades to the buildings in our community can have a surprisingly large impact to our quality of life.

Putting circularity into our world

Waste can be either managed or eliminated; find out how circularity is doing both with stone wool.

Keeping health and productivity in check, indoors

Learn how building quality can affect your health and productivity.

Reuse and recycle resources for a more sustainable future

It is possible to repurpose and reuse so that we are not in need of new resources in the future.

The poor side of energy

Energy poverty is widespread and has a severe human impact.

Change your climate, the right way

Cities are at constant risk of disaster due to climate change, but there are ways to lessen that risk.

Help limit our carbon footprint with insulation

The inclusion of products that help prevent heavy emissions is critical now more than ever.