A wall’s purpose is as important as the way it´s built

If you build something
It should stand for something

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ROCKWOOL launches pioneering wall system

With the launch of Rockzero the ROCKWOOL Group introduces a modular stone wool wall system that is part of the solution to climate change.


Be a builder of the future

Rockzero stands for natural sustainability and a pioneering way to build. In a market that’s growing in size and maturity, Rockzero gives you business case certainty.

Rockzero for influencers and policy makers

Are you a policy maker or an influencer? Discover the revolutionary opportunities Rockzero brings to our future.

Rockzero for future homeowners

Are you a future homeowner? Discover how you can you build a sustainable home that lowers your energy costs.

The perceptions versus realities in building sustainable homes

10 considerations for building a new home

No more compromises with Rockzero

There was a time when building sustainable homes required trade-offs: between architectural style and practicality, energy efficiency and cost, or sustainability and performance. Now with Rockzero, there are no trade-offs.


Rockzero for technical decision makers

Are you an architect, engineer, contractor or a designer? Discover the revolutionary opportunities Rockzero brings to your profession.