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Floors and ceilings

Insulating floors and ceilings is an important way to reduce airborne noise and to maintain a comfortable indoor climate by preventing heat transfer between upper and lower floors.

Underslab Floor Insulation

ROCKWOOL rigid stone wool boards used as a continuous layer of insulation under a concrete slab can provide the thermal efficiency and mechanical properties required as an alternative to rigid foam.

Steel elements

Fire protection for structural steel elements is a fundamental element to increase a building’s fire resilience.

Group management & board of director

In accordance with the Danish Companies Act and the ROCKWOOL International A/S Articles of Association, the supervision and management of the ROCKWOOL Group is divided among the General Meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors and Group Management.

Petronas Twin Towers

Safety and comfort are built in to this internationally recognised landmark

Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms

Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms provide a superior concrete green building technology that delivers costeffective, high-performance structures.


We manufactures a wide range of products for all kinds of insulation for the offshore sector. It can be used everywhere

Protective layers

More complex than it seems, the building envelope creates a comfortable environment indoors

Architechture and Sustainability

South Harbour School in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a new public school designed and built with focus on energy optimisation and harmonising the connection between the school and its surroundings. The school addresses a need for modern educational facilities while creating a new public space by the waterfront.

The ROCKWOOL story

From our first stone wool production in 1937 to the extensive range of solutions we supply today.