Driving energy efficiency

Our ambition is to be the global leader in energy-efficient insulation solutions.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can reduce the environmental footprint of a growing population

Hidden potential in industry energy savings

With payback in two years or less, investing in insulation could save industry millions.

Wangjing SOHO development

Curved, tapered design combines with excellent energy performance to help Wangjing SOHO stand out in Beijing

Welcome to the zero-energy house

Built with the right techniques, a home can produce as much energy as it uses.

Amager Bakke/Copenhill

New waste plant brings cleaner energy and a spectacular leisure facility to Copenhagen

The Wilmcote House

Energy renovation aims to make comfortable living affordable for social housing residents

The Landmark

Efficient insulation creates a perfect office climate in the heart of Bucharest

Maintenance Manager


Maintenance Manager


Hala Koszyki/Koszyki Hall

Warsaw’s art-nouveau market hall is reborn as a 21st century commercial and culinary hub