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Hidden potential in industry energy savings

With payback in two years or less, investing in insulation could save industry millions.

Saving energy forever

The solution to saving energy is here, today. Insulation is an easy, cost-effective way to make buildings sustainable.

Make a more comfortable home

Upgrading insulation creates a better living environment and saves money.

A net positive carbon impact

Through our insulation products we have truly significant positive impact on the climate change.

Build comfort and energy savings into your home

Forget the myth that sustainable homes have to be stuffy or bland. With Rockzero they can be airy, full of light, open and contemporary.

Welcome to the zero-energy house

Built with the right techniques, a home can produce as much energy as it uses.

Investment Calculator

Calculate your investment by either shares bought or amount invested.

Cities that save water

Fresh water is our most precious resource. But extreme weather and fast-growing cities mean that unless we take measures to manage it more actively, it could also become scarcer.

Create the low-energy home you’ve always wanted

There’s no need to compromise when you build a new sustainable home. With Rockzero you will achieve best in class energy performance exactly as calculated, plus excellent indoor comfort.


To increase home comfort and save energy year-round, start by insulating the attic, keeping the heat in during the winter and out in the summer.