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Healing architecture

Patients recover faster when healthcare facilities are thoughtfully designed

Moving buildings

Beautiful architecture makes us feel better. The emotional impact of beautiful buildings can transcend the personal, even to the extent of improving the communities we live in.

Architechture and Sustainability

South Harbour School in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a new public school designed and built with focus on energy optimisation and harmonising the connection between the school and its surroundings. The school addresses a need for modern educational facilities while creating a new public space by the waterfront.

Architectural Solutions Specialist

The ROCKWOOL Group’s main business area is building insulation, providing thermal comfort along with fire safety and acoustical comfort for all types of buildings.

Philharmonie de Paris

State-of-the art architecture and acoustic design create a new musical experience for Parisian concertgoers

Havenhuis/Port House

Sustainability was a key target for the Port of Antwerp’s striking new headquarters

ROCKFON acoustics help landmark project win prestigious prize in Sweden

Beautiful ROCKFON acoustic panels are at the heart of a cultural and commercial centre in Malmö that has just been named Sweden's 'Building of the Year'.

Outer walls

ROCKWOOL Insulation delivers a number of benefits beyond thermal performance in external walls, such as best in class fire resistance, exceptional noise reduction, water repellence as well as vapour permeability, and dimensional stability - meaning excellent fit and real world performance, for the lifetime of the building.

Business development specialist

Rockpanel is part of the ROCKWOOL Group and is offering advanced stone wool based cladding material providing freedom in the design of facades as well as detailing and applications around the roof.

Research & Development

We are motivated by the feeling of achievement that comes from having developed something extraordinary.