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Havenhuis/Port House

Sustainability was a key target for the Port of Antwerp’s striking new headquarters

Urbanization and sustainable megacity

With good design and materials, rapid urbanisation can be sustainable.

ROCKWOOL launches pioneering wall system

With the launch of Rockzero the ROCKWOOL Group introduces a modular stone wool wall system that is part of the solution to climate change.


In land-scarce urban areas, more and more people are working and making their homes in high-rise buildings. These structures can be brilliant solutions to the challenge of safely housing a growing population.

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation in action

Get inspired by a house that works with the weather

The house that hardly needs heating

Very high levels of insulation are a key element of passive construction, which keeps heat losses so low that a house can be kept warm either without heating or just by preheating the fresh air entering rooms.

Biosphera 2.0

An autonomous housing experiment is made possible by ROCKWOOL materials

The Wilmcote House

Energy renovation aims to make comfortable living affordable for social housing residents

Housing Decathlon

We have sponsored a team of Montreal architecture, engineering and design students that are building a net zero, sustainable, green home for the 2018 Solar Decathlon.

Welcome to the zero-energy house

Built with the right techniques, a home can produce as much energy as it uses.