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Sustainability and Circularity

In a circular economy, products should be used for as long as possible – and reused to the greatest extent possible when they reach the end of their service life.


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Credit Union's Modern Interior Transformation

Rockfon stone wool ceiling solutions support comfortable, open concept design and acoustical privacy for occupants. The ceiling design was created using sustainable materials to meet the waste management and recycling objectives of Travis Credit Union.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Buildings have a huge untapped potential to become a central part of the solution to our urgent sustainability challenges.

Create Decorative Interior Ceiling Designs

Enhancing the visual experience, mood and perception of commercial interiors, Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling panels, metal ceiling panels and Chicago Metallic™ suspension systems can be installed in a range of interesting patterns and colors.

Urbanization and sustainable megacity

With good design and materials, rapid urbanisation can be sustainable.

Sustainability Overview

Sustainable ceiling materials, acoustic panels and tiles, and ceiling systems contribute to green design of commercial interior environments and to the health, safety and welfare of the people within these spaces.

Healing architecture

Patients recover faster when healthcare facilities are thoughtfully designed

Sydhavn Skole/South Harbour School

ROCKWOOL products help create a sustainable space for learning

Architechture and Sustainability

South Harbour School in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a new public school designed and built with focus on energy optimisation and harmonising the connection between the school and its surroundings. The school addresses a need for modern educational facilities while creating a new public space by the waterfront.