We  manufactures a wide range of products for all kinds of insulation for the offshore sector. It can be used everywhere, for example:

  • H and A constructions
  • Deck and bulkhead constructions
  • Engine rooms
  • Pipe and air ducts
  • Doors and panels
  • Floating floors
  • Comfort insulation
  • Subsea pipe lines

Thus ROCKWOOL stone wool provides the best guarantee for an effective fire protection on-board offshore platforms.

Fires on floating offshore facilities can be caused by hydrocarbon fire conditions. Hydrocarbons burn far more fiercely than cellulosic materials (which are used on-board ships) and consequently require fire protection systems of substantially superior performance.

ROCKWOOL offshore fire protection systems surpass the most stringent standards of structural stability and integrity, limiting the spread of fire and protecting personnel and equipment. To fulfil the increasing demands for high-temperature resistant insulation for subsea pipelines, ROCKWOOL has introduced a new product range specifically addresses to this segment.

Our brands

Our products are diverse and all contribute to shaping a circular economy, enhancing resource efficiency, and nurturing the safety, health and wellbeing of those who make and use our products.

Building and technical insulation

We are the leading provider of fire resilient stone wool insulation. We provide products and solutions for all major application areas for both residential and non-residential buildings. Our solutions are also engineered to improve OEM products or system performance and enhance the production for process, off-shore and the marine industry.

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