Outer walls

ROCKWOOL provides a range of products and solutions for external wall systems such as rainscreen and overcladding, external fa├žade, masonry cavity wall, and timber and metal frame constructions. ROCKWOOL Insulation delivers a number of benefits beyond thermal performance in external walls, such as best in class fire resistance, exceptional noise reduction, water repellence as well as vapour permeability, and dimensional stability - meaning excellent fit and real world performance, for the lifetime of the building.

A rendered facade can emphasize a traditional and classical look. The ROCKWOOL REDArt system  is a traditional rendered textured surface combined with efficient facade insulation. In addition to the aesthetic improvement of the facade, the system will help improve indoor climate with and even room temperature.

With a cladded facade you can create literally any architectural impression from streamlined high tech to wooden cottage. The ROCKWOOL REDAir system combines full design flexibility with efficient insulation with all the built in strengths of stone wool.

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Our brands

Our products are diverse and all contribute to shaping a circular economy, enhancing resource efficiency, and nurturing the safety, health and wellbeing of those who make and use our products.

Building and technical insulation

We are the leading provider of fire resilient stone wool insulation. We provide products and solutions for all major application areas for both residential and non-residential buildings. Our solutions are also engineered to improve OEM products or system performance and enhance the production for process, off-shore and the marine industry.

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Façade cladding

We manufacture board material mostly used in ventilated constructions, for facade cladding, roof detailing, soffits and fascias. Our boards are robust and flexible. They fit perfectly with modern architectural trends such as organic shapes and sustainability, while also providing cost efficiency and short installation times. 

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