Steel elements

Fire protection for structural steel elements is a fundamental element to increase a building’s fire resilience.The structural strength of steel decreases when the critical temperature exceeds 500 ° C. In the event of fire, this can lead to steel structures no longer fulfilling their static function and resulting in the stability of the entire building being severely compromised. In addition, at high temperatures, steel components tend to change dimensional characteristics, ending up in exerting  forces on adjacent components, such as  walls and ceilings.

Steel structures must therefore be protected against heating in the event of fire. ROCKWOOL products resist to temperatures above 1000 ° C and help protect against fire effects in beams, steel columns and reinforced concrete floors.

Our brands

Our products are diverse and all contribute to shaping a circular economy, enhancing resource efficiency, and nurturing the safety, health and wellbeing of those who make and use our products.

Building and technical insulation

We are the leading provider of fire resilient stone wool insulation. We provide products and solutions for all major application areas for both residential and non-residential buildings. Our solutions are also engineered to improve OEM products or system performance and enhance the production for process, off-shore and the marine industry.

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