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Urbanisation often brings infrastructure and domestic buildings closer together

From railways to tramways, roads to airports, good infrastructure is crucial to urban life, which can be very noisy. The resulting ground-borne vibration, traffic noise – and not to mention human noise pollution – all have a serious and negative impact on our wellbeing, especially in densely populated areas.

Protection from unwanted noise can have a positive effect on our physiology, learning capacity and social behaviour. ROCKWOOL products are high-density, which makes them extremely resistant to airflow and excellent at noise reduction and sound absorption, meaning that even the nosiest infrastructure sounds quieter.

Stone wool structure can be engineered to isolate and control vibrations and noise from urban transport systems, reducing its detrimental impact on people and buildings.

Living close to an airport, the noise you hear inside your house is reduced by 40 percent if your roof is insulated with ROCKWOOL stone wool.

Did you know?

Stone wool has an open, porous structure, which makes ROCKWOOL products highly efficient sound absorbers by nature. In schools with no sound absorption, children miss 25% of words spoken by their teachers. 

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Controlling the sounds we take in is key to acoustic comfort.

Our wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with the comfort of our indoor environments, and a big part of maintaining that comfort is controlling sounds. Sometimes that means making sure that buildings like hospitals are quiet spaces in which to recover. For other buildings, like offices, it’s about reducing noise bleed from outside and room-to-room, which reduces stress and increases concentration. 

For projects like schools, it’s about controlling sound so that teachers can be heard clearly, but noise from the playground and echoes from the corridors are quietened.

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