Novo Nordisk corporate headquarters

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Healthy workplace

Combining beautiful design with sustainable materials, this corporate headquarters creates a perfect work environment

Danish healthcare company Novo Nordisk, a leader in diabetes care, wanted its new corporate headquarters to reflect its heritage while creating a bright, open environment that was a safe, healthy workspace for its employees. Henning Larsen Architects responded with a stylish circular design inspired by the shape of insulin molecules, which contained many references to the Scandinavian design tradition and was built with sustainable materials.

The building’s shape and its large, open atrium called for acoustic insulation that adapted easily to curved surfaces while preventing unwanted sounds from disturbing the peace of the space. For this reason, the architects chose Rockfon® products for the atrium’s horizontal and vertical surfaces. According to architect Søren Øllgaard, “Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic made it possible to create a stunning design with continuous surfaces that tie the room together. On top of that, it was a bonus to be able to make these flexible ceilings and walls, which still maintain their good acoustic properties.” Øllgaard also noted the aesthetic value of Rockfon: “With its continuous surfaces, it creates a unity, draws light in an exciting way and provides a more interesting look with its rustic surfaces.”

Fire safety was also extremely important in this new building, to protect employees as well as the valuable intellectual property and laboratory equipment it houses. ROCKWOOL Conlit® solutions together with external roof insulation, were used to meet Novo Nordisk’s high fire safety standards.

Commenting on the project, ROCKWOOL Group Marketing Director Christian Jølck said:

‘’In ROCKWOOL we are proud of being chosen as the supplier of insulation for these marvellous buildings… our solution improves the indoor wellbeing by providing a comfortable indoor climate and a good acoustic sound environment for everybody in the buildings’’

Copenhagen, Denmark

Project location

Novo Nordisk A/S,
Novo Allé, 2880 Bagsvaerd,

Novo Nordisk Corporate Headquarters, Aesthetics

Novo Nordisk Corporate Headquarters, Denmark

“With its continuous surfaces, it creates a unity, draws light in an exciting way and provides a more interesting look with its rustic surfaces.”

Søren Øllgaard


Project Data

Building TypeCorporate headquarters
ApplicationAtrium & Roof insulation
Product typeRockfon® Mono® Acoustic, Rockfon Industrial, ROCKWOOL Conlit®

Novo Nordisk




Henning Larsen, Søren Øllgaard

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