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Bavaria, Germany

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Stone wool insulation creates a safe and peaceful indoor environment for schoolchildren and their teachers

Schools are the engine of every community, developing and taking care of tomorrow’s talented citizens. So it’s particularly important that school buildings provide an environment that’s conducive to learning, safe, and resilient. When renovation work at this elementary school in southern Germany was carried out in 2016, the architects focused on creating ideal acoustic conditions within the classrooms, as well as achieving high safety and energy performance standards.

The school was fitted with state-of-the-art stone wool facade insulation that combines fire and thermal protection with high levels of sound insulation. Acoustics are important to learning: too much noise has been shown to hamper children’s memory performance and even delay their reading development: research has shown that students cannot hear up to 70 percent of consonants spoken by teachers. At the same time, teachers’ voices can suffer if they have to shout to be heard. The insulation at Plößberg Elementary school shields schoolchildren from unwanted noise, while at the same time protecting them from fire hazards. The ROCKWOOL HECK® systems used are certified to Germany’s exacting Blue Angel standard, which was created by the federal government to combat climate change and protect people and the environment.

School principal Irmgard Wittmann appreciates the peace of mind and learning environment that the school is able to provide: “Knowing that a sustainable, non-combustible Blue Angel-certified insulation system protects our facade feels good and safe. Indoor climate and acoustics have significantly improved. Such a comfortable environment for learning and studying provides our 122 students between the ages of six and ten with the ideal conditions for their personal development.” 

Bavaria, Germany

Project location

Jahnstraße 1
95703 Plößberg

“Knowing that a sustainable, noncombustible Blue Angel-certified insulation system protects our facade feels good and safe. Indoor climate and acoustics have significantly improved.”

Irmgard Wittmann

School Principal

Project Data

Building TypeElementary school
ApplicationFaçade insulation
Product typeRockwool stone wool insulation boards, HECK MW, HECK K+A, HECK K+A PLUS

Country market town Plößberg


Höfer Malerfachbetrieb, Wiesau


BSS Architekten GbR, Nuremberg

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