The Quad Student Housing

NEW BUILD | Fire Resilience

Norwich, UK

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Safety first for students

Fire safety was at the heart of this development, with a pioneering use of mineral wool

Demand for student housing in Norwich led to The Quad development in a prominent city centre location. The regeneration has transformed an old Mecca bingo hall into the highest habitable building in Norwich with a height of 13 floors.

Not only were the logistics of this project a talking point, but the contractors Alumno Developments were especially keen to make sure that the building met strict fire safety standards. The project came at a time when there were many changes in the industry relating to fire safety and Alumno wanted to implement and future-proof a completely new design.

Due to the importance of fire safety, the contractor, HG Construction, pushed for A1 non-combustible products. RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB was chosen for its natural, non-combustible stone wool composition, which differentiates ROCKWOOL stone wool from its competitors.

This became HG Construction’s first project to use stone wool insulation with a masonry façade, and the company was delighted to be able to incorporate the added value of stone wool. It is extremely resilient to fire and withstands temperatures above 1000°C.

Safety was always key to The Quad, which consists of 244 student rooms. Students now have a building which is both aesthetically pleasing, and safe to live in.


Norwich, UK

Project location


Project Data

Year 2018
Building Type Student Accomodation
Application Mineral Wool Insulation

Alumno Developments


HG Construction


Carson & Partners

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